How to determine the material of replica watches glass

Material mirror divided into sapphire crystal glass, mineral glass, synthetic glass three categories:

Sapphire glass: The physical and chemical properties of these replica watches are very stable and hardness is very high. The second only for diamonds, you can easily fight scratches, wear, erosion. But terrible hardness is too high, stiffness is not bad, very afraid to throw. But many hours with a high end use will use this mirror replica rolex watches!

Mineral glass: this material is characterized by a mirror, has a strong anti-Ukrainian impact ability, resistance to abrasion is also very good. These watches are widely used in mid-hours, and general military replica watches how this glass will use a high-density hardness mirror.

Synthetic glass: also called Plexiglas, is the name "Alex glass". This material is not very good hardness of the mirror table, is more prone to scratches. But this is very volitional, it's not easy to break. The cost of synthetic glass is very low, many low-end fake watches are usually used for this clock mirror.

First, you can touch the mirror to judge the crystal material from the sound. The acrylic mirror will produce plastic sound, and the sound of mineral glass thicker. Judging by the weight of the point of view, the acrylic mirror is the easiest, the sapphire is fake watches the mirror hardest. In addition, the conductivity of the sapphire is good.