Does the polishing of the fake rolex watches affect its value

It looks like you ask if the fake watch will polish during service, and its cost will be affected. These are good questions and are very subjective for the collector. If you want to keep the cost of your replica rolex as vintage, polishing is not recommended. The same goes for replacing anything visible - hands, set, frame. On the other hand, the full service of the movement is a great idea.

Ancient ratings are very random, so we personally recommend that you enjoy the clock and have what you want to do, which will impress your imagination. Most of the old watches are worthless, with the exception of brands like fake rolex, etc. There are also cases when collectors, like objects, such as crystals and dials, should be kept, but like cases that look "worn".

Polished watches do not always look like new polished watches because different methods are used. We believe that more often cases are reflected by default when they arrive at the service. If you do not want your watch to be polished, it is often better to ask that the polishing service is not done.